April 19, 2008

Half Marathon PB

While I am happy that the records keep on coming my way, and bettering a previous best set in December 2006 by more than 1 minute is not bad at all - I was expecting more!

But with the last 6km as hilly as they were, I should be content that I didn't lose more than the 2 minutes I did off my pace. Yes - at 15km I was still spot on for an 86-minute finish! That's pretty exciting. I also passed the 10km mark at my fourth-fastest time ever for that distance!

End result 88:13 for the Sunshine Coast half marathon.

Based on this, coach Pat set my goal for the Vancouver marathon at sub 3:05. He's told me to aim for being at the halfway mark in 1:32:30, keep up the pace, and then hammer the final 5km!

That works out to 4:23/km. I'll have to work it out in miles as well since that is what will be used at the markers. Only two weeks until race day!

April 01, 2008

Sub-40 Again

This Sunday I raced in a local 10km. Since I last did one in January, and broke 40mins for the first time, I've been training for the Vancouver marathon, held on May 4. The past three weeks were the heaviest training load, with three consecutive Sunday long runs of three hours.

Lots of hills have made for interesting training and I feel much stronger. So I was pretty happy to finish this 10km in 39:55 (not only first female, but first overall hahah - it was a small race - though I had two people chase me and I was chasing one of them between about 4.5km and 8.5km of the race!

The course was relatively flat, with three minor hills, but it had lots of twists and turns and two sets of short stairs. I felt good, but not great. So I was pretty happy with my time.

Next goal is the Sunshine Coast half marathon on April 6. I am planning to race hard! My current PB is 89:16.