May 12, 2008

Taking Post-Race Laziness to Whole New Level

The Vancouver marathon was 8 days ago, and since then I've run once. It's the laziest I've been in probably 18 months or even longer. And I am really enjoying it. Partly because I know the next block of hard training will be right around the corner!

It's very important to have a mental and physical break from the demands of sticking to a training program. That's why I've decided to make the most of it. But I am already hatching a plan.

I've asked my coach whether he thinks making another marathon my main goal for the next five months is a good idea. If so, then I will do one in mid-October. If not, I will focus on 10km races and half marathons. Either option sounds good to me, so I'm waiting to hear what he recommends.

Next month it will be three years since I enlisted Pat Carroll as my coach, and I've recommended him to many others. His conservative approach to training mileage and focus on recovery have helped me remain injury-free, and have helped me get better consistently. Of course I've had to take care of myself as well, and my preference is for Active Release Therapy sessions which I aim to have about once a month.

Thinking about and putting together a race plan is always something I love to do, and I think most runners would agree with me. It's a time to dream about goals to achieve, and stretching yourself.

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