June 27, 2008

Back to Timed Repeats

On Tuesday I had to run my first timed repeats since I did the Vancouver marathon on May 4. Some six weeks without them has been nice. But also good to see where I am at.

My sessions was 8 x 500m, with as much rest in between them as I wanted. I did them on a path nearby that has 500m and K markers. The section was flattish with some undulations.

My 500m times were:
1min rest
1.08 rest
1.30 rest
1.45 rest
1.50 rest
3.41 rest
2.39 rest

I had to report those back to my coach. He said that meant I averaged about 1:48, and gave me a goal for today's session. I have to run 5 1K repeats, with 1 minute rest between each. My goal is to run them in 3:48 or faster.

June 15, 2008

Victoria Marathon

After a great holiday with my parents and Tim through Alberta and British Columbia, and an easy training schedule, I decided to make the Victoria marathon in October my next main goal. My coach Pat Carroll had already given me a tentative training schedule for that race, but given me the option to change my mind over the holiday.

But I am in `marathon mode', and the idea of long runs all over the Canadian summer appeals to me. Besides, I am toying with the idea of entering the 2009 Boston marathon. Assuming that my entry would be accepted, I'd run the mythical Boston marathon 10 years after I ran my first race of that distance - Ottawa 1999. Back then, making it to Boston by meeting the qualification times seemed like a tough ask and I've always dreamed of running that race.

But first back to Victoria in October. Pat's training programs are always varied, but this time he's thrown in some changes I find very exciting. For the first time since I joined him in June 2005, he's given me days with two runs. I am scheduled to run four 3-hour runs in total, with three of them followed by a 30-minute run in the evening. Love it!

What I've also decided to do is do two weight training sessions a week. In 2005, I used a great weight training program, aimed at Ironman triathletes. It's a great workout that addresses the whole body, and I couldn't believe the difference it made after six weeks. Gaining extra strength, particularly in my core, will help my running I believe.

That sub-3 hour marathon is firmly on my mind - the timing doesn't concern me too much, and Victoria may or may not be it, but I am convinced I am capable of breaking that elusive barrier.

Today I did a 2-hour run, and felt great. Tomorrow I am doing my first weight training session.