August 19, 2008

Little blogging, still training

It's been a while since updates. But that doesn't mean I have slacked off my running. While I've been tired overall since the Vancouver marathon, which I have mostly noticed in slow times for my timed repeats, I am still enjoying my training. And I am still planning to race the Victoria marathon in less than 8 weeks from now.

Last Sunday I did the first of my four 3-hour runs for this race. Given that Tim was away, and I was on my own for the whole thing, I was pleased with how it went. Part of my time was spent thinking about the three incidents of that week, all in the area and therefore making the `bear in area' signs come to life during my runs. But thankfully I didn't come across any black fur.

And the most recent Sunday had me race for the first time since May 3. The race was a 10k in Richmond. The setting was great, and the course was pancake flat. While I ran my slowest time in a long time (I am afraid to look it up), I was happy with my near-perfect pacing and not hurting too much for too long. As an added bonus, I was third female.

This weekend I am doing my second 3-hr training run and hopefully this time Tim will keep me company - he is also toying with entering the Victoria marathon.