January 21, 2009

Accomplishing the Ultimate

From Running Within by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott (I read this amazing book before running the 2003 Gold Coast marathon where I finished in 3hrs 24mins, 45 minutes faster than ever before:

"... you totally give in to the natural environment and movement of your body. Tune into your form, pace, stride and fluid movement. Notice how running elevates your spirits and enlivens your body. When you feel this strong connection, you begin to experience the Zen state of satori - the union of body, mind and spirit. Such a union enables you to experience the ultimate in running...

"You no longer feel separated from your body: you again become one with the rhythms of nature and somehow feel in sync with them, the way running was meant to be. With this experience, you encounter for the first time, perhaps, the beauty of being alive and the truth about full-spectrum fitness for the ultimate game of life.

"Many people claim running is boring. There is no way that one could respond to that opinion. One simply must experience the passion, ecstasy and joy; the carefree lightness; the tranquil calm and vulnerability that such movement and play create. Running up a mountain in a relaxed state creates an opportunity to play like a child without concern about whether you will reach the top or whether it will hurt."

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