January 19, 2009

Chilly Chase Lived Up to Name

Tim and I left our home in Squamish at 6:40am and arrived at the race start in Langley at 8:15am. While the temperature was just below zero, the skies were clear and sunny.

After we got our race numbers and chip, we went for a warm-up. I wore my knee-length winterjacket, a sweater, T-shirt, race top, shorts and tights plus fleece hat and gloves.

I'd planned to race in T-shirt and shorts, but decided to wear a sweater with hoodie instead because it was so cold. I did stay with my plan to wear shorts.

When the start gun went, I quickly settled into my pace. The first 3km is slightly uphill, and I could tell. My body felt a bit tired overall. Compared with the first half of the 10km I raced a month ago, I had to put in more effort for the same result.

I slipped on a couple of icy patches which made me cautious about my footing, though the course overall was clear.

Tim was a few meters behind me, I saw at two of the turning points.

While I was able to keep an even pace, I lacked my usual energy in the last two km.

Tim, on the other hand, picked up his pace in the final kilometer and went by me - I could not stick with him. He finished in 40:24 and I crossed 12 seconds later in 40:36. We love to compete in the same races as it often provides that extra lift.
Neither one of us had any oxygen to spare at 9.5km to say anything though.

Overall I was happy with my result, given that I simply felt tired throughout the race. At the same time I was also a bit disappointed as I had planned to improve on the 39:51 I ran on this same course a year ago.

Tim finished 3rd in his age group, and I was first female again, like last year.

Thanks to the organizers for putting on such a great event! Hopefully we'll be back for the third time next year.

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