January 03, 2009

Winter training

Winter training can be a bit tricky in Canada, even if you live in that part of the country with the mildest weather.

When I returned from a month in Europe on Christmas Eve winter had arrived. Even getting home from the airport was challenging with all the snow. With temperatures hovering around zero degrees, and lots of snow, running outside requires caution.

While the main roads in Squamish are cleared, the sidewalks aren't. Running on the main roads seems to be my only option. Dodging cars is far from ideal and speed sessions are out of the question.

It has been snowing today since we woke up and it is now midday. So I am going to check out a local gym this afternoon. I'd called the gym earlier this week to ask about the possibility of becoming a member for a few months and the number of treadmills.

Most gyms have a time limit on the use of their treadmills, and other equipment. While completely understandable, I do not want to sign up with a gym to use their treadmills because running outside is too tricky to then find it still impossible to complete my workouts uninterrupted.

I've looked into buying a treadmill but it seems that getting a decent one requires a whack of money. So for now I will just check out this local gym. I have a speed session today, and a snowball in hell's chance of being able to do it outside, and a 2hr 20min long run tomorrow.

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