February 18, 2009

Marathon history

The Vancouver marathon will be my 10th certified marathon and I will run this 10 years after completing my first. My key goal is to have a better day on this course than last year, and I would like to improve my best time for the distance.

Victoria October 2008 3:07 (PB)
Vancouver May 2008 3:12
Gold Coast July 2007 3:15
Canberra April 2007 3:08
Gold Coast July 2006 3:13
Honolulu December 2003 3:36
Gold Coast July 2003 3:24
Sydney September 2001 4:44
Ottawa May 1999 4:18

(I've run the exact marathon distance, or further, another seven times in various races: five marathons as part of Ironman triathlons, the 46km offroad Six Foot Track and the 100km mostly offroad Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker.)

The biggest lesson I've learnt in the past 10 years is that preparation means everything, yet guarantees nothing. Running a marathon is never easy.

My `easiest' marathon where I felt extreme discomfort for the least amount of time was probably the Gold Coast Marathon in 2006. In this race I only suffered in the final four kilometers of the race. I would say that probably my toughest marathon was probably the Vancouver marathon in 2008 where I suffered, mentally and physically, during the final 17 kilometers.

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