June 08, 2009

Marathon win

Yesterday I won my first marathon, leading the female pack from start to finish and set a course record in the process.

The North Olympic Discovery Marathon is not only in a spectacular area, the race is superbly organized and has amazing volunteers. I would highly recommend you consider adding this race, with various distances to choose from, to your 2010 race schedule.

For a story in the Peninsula Daily News, see here


Ryan Heal said...

Congratulations! When's your next race? I'm Ryan--you may remember me as the tall guy in the green jersey who ran with you for the first 16 miles or so of this race (before I blew up). I'll be running some shorter races this summer and then probably take a crack at another marathon in fall--probably Portland, OR. Good luck with your next running adventure!

Margreet Dietz said...

Hey Ryan, great to hear from you! If you send me your email, I can forward you the PDF-file of an article that ran in our local newspaper which has an image with you in it. It was great to run with you for such a long time in the marathon - great pace and rhythm. Shorter races and then a fall marathon sounds like a great plan! I haven't run yet since the race and I am still trying to decide on races in the next few months. I will definitely race the Squamish 10km on August 2nd and am tempted to do another marathon later this year too. Margreet