July 03, 2009

Ironman just is everywhere

With two Ironman triathletes, who are both eight weeks away from racing another Ironman, in the house the word Ironman comes up as often as it has in this sentence. It is amazing how much can be discussed about Ironman training and racing.

And as a retired Ironman I can't help but be swept up in the excitement too. So much that I was enticed to join Tony and Tim for my first wetsuit swim since March 2005 - that's right more than four years since I last wore that sleeveless piece of rubber.

We went to Alice Lake, just north of Squamish. This lake is also used for the swim of the Squamish Triathlon, in which Tony is competing this Sunday. The water is as green as the trees that surround it and the temperature was absolutely perfect.

The race course, which is 1.5km, runs along two-thirds of a triangle shape. I freestyled and breaststroked my way through about 700 metres, while the two guys swam about 1.2 km.

They are both solid swimmers, with Tony usually doing the 3.8km in Ironman in less than 60 minutes and Tim just over. My best time for the distance is 1:13 which I swam in the last of the five Ironman I have done in - March 2005.

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