January 22, 2010

Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend in paperback

My book Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend is now available as a paperback in Australia too! It has a different cover and is printed, bound, handled and shipped by a Sydney-based company. The contents are the same as the version that is available worldwide through Amazon.com.

Orders for this Australian book through this website only, see the link on the right. This 250-page book was inspired by my own passion for, and experience with, running.

The book consists of 54 chapters. The first two contain great advice and encouragement from two of Australia's best running coaches - Pat Carroll and Susan Griffith respectively - for any level of runner. The remaining 52 chapters each tell the story of individual female runners ranging in ages from 26 to 59.

The paperback costs A$19.95, with an additional A$5.70 for handling and shipping to any address within Australia.

Running Shoes highlighted in the Feb/March 2010 issue of Australia's Run For Your Life magazine.

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