July 19, 2010

Running shirts

Any author, independent or not, must somehow spread the word about her books. Given that my first book is about running, it makes a lot of sense to me to promote it as I am running, something I do nearly every day.

While I had found great custom cotton shirts at Vistaprint Canada and a (hopefully as it hasn't arrived yet) thick and comfy custom sweatshirt at T-shirtMonster Canada, it took me a while before I found a technical running top.

I do not want to order a minimum of 12, or even six, since my budget is small. Finally I found what looks like a nice microfiber women's (and men's) running shirt that I could customize with images and text on Zazzle Canada. I have just finished the design and ordered a shirt for myself (and one for Tim with the title and cover image of my second book Powered From Within).

Hopefully the quality is as good as described and the shirt will arrive in time for my next two races, the Squamish 10km on August 1 and especially before the STORMY on August 8. Should anyone else care to order one, please See my store at Zazzle

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