July 06, 2010

A Work in Progress now as ebook

My latest book, A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing, is available as ebook through Booklocker and will also soon be available in that format through Apple's iBookstore and Amazon's Kindle program.

This book, aimed at writers who could use some inspiration and encouragement, is US$9.99. You can read a free excerpt of the book here. To order and download the ebook immediately, please see here.

US-based Booklocker is a print-on-demand and ebook publishing services company that I also used to publish my first book Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend as an ebook. Publishing your ebook through Booklocker is free and you pay a commission for each book that sells in their online store. I have not used their print-on-demand services but my experience with their ebook services has been very good.

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