August 19, 2010

Find me at Penticton market on Aug. 28

On Saturday August 28 you can find me with my books in Penticton at the popular downtown community market. Please drop by for a chat, whether it's about running, triathlon or writing, and to check out my books Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend, Powered From Within: Stories About Running & Triathlon, and A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing!

The pre-Ironman Canada excitement has been building for months in our home with hubby Tim's getting ready for it. It'll be his second Ironman Canada and his 10th Ironman, and he hopes to qualify for his second Kona. As a five-time Ironman finisher myself but now focused on running, I love watching Ironmans and can't wait for race day in Penticton!

Like last year, I am planning to race the Ironman Canada 5km on Thursday evening, Aug. 26, an event that also has a one-kilometre race for kids of any age. It was so inspiring to watch the kids get ready for their race, either by themselves or with mum or dad, and their excitement at the finish. I highly recommend doing either event, 1km or 5km, to everyone (those not racing IMC of course) - it's so much fun.

While I finished first female in 2009 in that 5km last year, I was far more excited about being handed water after the first lap by the great Paula Newby-Fraser who told me, Great job. Wow, I am still in awe of that moment and have kept my race number.  

Hope to see you in Penticton. If you  run into someone wearing these shirts, it's me or Tim.

The downtown community market, Penticton's biggest, starts at 8:30am until 1pm on Saturdays at the 200 and 300 blocks of Main Street, with the adjoining 100 block hosting the Penticton Farmers’ Market.

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