August 27, 2010

Getting ready for first book signing

It's 8am and I am sitting at the deck of a cottage in Summerland with 270-degree views of Lake Okanagan. The temperature is beautiful too, with a slight chill in the air that has me wearing a sweater as I drink my coffee outside. Tim, who is racing Ironman Canada in two days in Pentiction, a 10-minute drive from here, has already left for a short morning swim with Teresa, a good friend who we know from our early triathlon and Ironman training days in Sydney, Australia, and her husband, Scott.

Both are amazing athletes, Teresa is an age-group Ironman world champion while Scott's best time in Ironman starts with a nine. This inspiring couple has a relatively new coaching business that hosts training camps in their home of Boulder, Colorado. Check out their site here 

Tim and I hadn't seen them since Ironman Canada last year, when we shared a house in Naramata, the gorgeous town that I can see from my deck this morning on the other side of Lake Okanagan. It's amazing how much you can do in 12 months - I had yet to finish a book a year ago while Scott and Teresa had yet to start their business.

When Teresa congratulated me on my books yesterday, I mentioned my book signing. She and Scott immediately promised to drop by with a few other athletes. One of the women I interviewed for my first book, Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend also mentioned she would drop by. After living in Australia she moved back to Canada, and has a partner who is racing Ironman Canada too, so I am looking forward to seeing her.

As I was trying to plan my approach to promoting my books during my five-day visit in Penticton, I had asked for advice through the Professional Writers Association of Canada's book forum. (I've been a professional member of PWAC for a year now). One of the people who responded with great advice was Jennifer, also a writer/author and the organizer of a workshop on writing. She suggested I contact Hooked on Books, and said she'd drop by.

Please check out her own site here and the Okanagan Food and Wine Writers Workshop she organizes here

Last but not least, Hooked on Books owner Judy has done a fabulous job of spreading the word with event listings and signage. I dropped by the store yesterday in advance to say hello, and drop off copies of my books, for which she was grateful since she already had two people in the store asking about them.

OK, time to get ready - I am very much looking forward to meeting a few people and talking about my books, running, triathlon, writing, etc.

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