August 07, 2010

Packed and ready to race!

It's 4:15pm and I am finally packed for STORMY, which starts tomorrow morning at 6am. This morning I went to the start to watch 22 athletes begin their 100-mile run, absolutely awesome and probably the most low-key race start I have seen and for sure in a race where such talented and experienced endurance athletes are competing. 

With plenty of aid stations along the route, 11 stops for a 50-mile lap plus the start/finish area, I am racing light. Wearing a race top with two back pockets, in which I will carry 3 gels and 3 bars, I will hold a 750-ml  bottle in my hand (with plain water).

Over top of that I am wearing a short-sleeve Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend T-shirt and comfortable, well-worn shorts as well as knee-high compression socks. I'll wear a hat and sunglasses. On my feet will be a pair of relatively new but solidly tested trail running shoes.

At aid station 4 Tim will meet me and bring me six more gels, with four salt tablets (just in case). I will also bring a bag on race morning which the organizers will drop off at the Powerhouse aid station which we pass twice, first after about 30 miles and about 45 miles.

This drop bag will hold a camelbak, with about 2 litres of water, another six gels, a bag with Twizzlers, six more salt tablets and my iPod; two defizzed Red Bulls; another five gels; three energy bars; more Twizzlers; two peanut butter sandwiches on white bread; pretzels; a bottle of water; a bottle of Accelerade (1 scoop with water); a spare pair of trail runners; and a spare set of clothing (top, Tee, shorts, socks) and a towel.

I definitely plan to eat and drink everything I bring from the start, then what Tim brings me at aid station 4, as well as the contents of my camelbak plus one Red Bull after my first stop at the Powerhouse aid station. On my second stop I will more than likely bring that second Red Bull and some more food but leave my camelbak in drop bag.

As for my mood, it couldn't be better. I am excited and cannot wait to start tomorrow. A woman, who I first met two weeks ago for a three-hour run and who is also starting her first 50-mile tomorrow, said this morning when we were waiting for the 100-milers to start: "I feel like a kid before Christmas."

Now all I have to do is pick up my race package and hopefully catch a glimpse of the leader of the 100-mile, by last and not surprising account Squamish resident Jason Loutitt, one of Canada's fastest distance runners, heading out for his second lap.

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