August 08, 2010

Race morning

My alarm went off 20 minutes ago. It's just before 5am as I sitting here having my usual morning coffee. It's still dark outside. I have checked Twitter for the latest on the amazing 100 milers who have been running through the night, unless they were so fast to have already finished.

The weather forecast for today looks great, if a little warm but hey, most of the trails are shaded. I feel calm. I slept like a baby, without waking. I am ready to explore today. With little trail running experience and very little ultrarunning experience I am not sure what `speed' to start. All I know is that it should be slow. So that's what I'll do.

Tim will take me to the race start, an hour from now. Fifty-mile runners had the option to start an hour early, and four people are heading out as I type, I read on Twitter. The nicest thing about doing this race is that I have some very nice people because of it, and I am looking forward to meeting a few more today.

If you'd like to check out race updates today, follow #stormyultra.

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