August 30, 2010

A Work in Progress proves popular

During a weekend where about 2800 Ironman triathletes gathered in the B.C. town of Penticton to compete in the 28th edition of Ironman Canada, I was a little surprised that out of my three books the one on writing, A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing, proved most popular.

I had brought fewer copies of this book, which I published in May this year, than the other two as I expected my those titles, Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend and Powered From Within: Exercises in Writing, to appeal more to Ironman athletes and their friends and families.

While the latter two did well too, I have sold more copies of  A Work in Progress this past weekend. More importantly, I received amazing feedback on it from the writer I described in my previous post the day after she bought one copy of each of my three titles. I saw her waiting for her partner at the bike check-in on Saturday, where I was waiting for Tim as well, and went over to say hello.

She enthusiastically told me she was already halfway through A Work in Progress and had gone back to the bookstore to buy another copy for a fellow writer, in fact the person who will be her co-author on a book she is in the process of writing. She said she found great inspiration in A Work in Progress, on many levels, but especially for approaching her manuscript.

Her feedback means so much to me as it confirms that I accomplished what I set out to do with A Work in Progress, which is to encourage and inspire fellow writers and (budding) authors. I strongly believe in the books I have written and to receive positive feedback from readers, whether in person or through emails, is something I very much appreciate.

Hooked on Books owner Judy has said to me from the start that books on writing are very popular in the Penticton area and this has definitely proven to be the case for my title, A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing.

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