September 20, 2010

Being active is a good habit

Luka takes me on daily walks.
Being active promotes physical and mental wellbeing and the younger we learn this, the better. It's about forming good habits early in life. 

Habit is defined as a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition. Also as an established disposition of the mind or character. 

Leading an active lifestyle is very much about creating good and enjoyable habits such as regular walks. As a competitive distance runner and dog "owner", I am biased towards exercising on foot because it is fun, empowering, an excellent social activity or the perfect time for private reflection, and provides superb health benefits.

Walking and running are natural ways to be active, with low entry barriers. Joining friends and family on a walk, particularly along a scenic local route, is a social and fun activity that takes little organization.

My dog Luka gets me out for daily walks, in all weather conditions, and I love the fresh air, time for contemplation or chatting with those I run into.Those daily walks are a great addition to my run training. 

My dog made daily walks a habit for me, and one I greatly enjoy and highly recommend. 


Unknown said...

Looking for some more info on your book "Running Shoes are a Girls Best Friend".

I am a runner who loves to read.

Gotta run.

Margreet Dietz said...

Hi Stacey, thanks so much for checking out my website and your interest in my book Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend.

You can find a little more info on the book on this page

If you'd like to order one in paperback ($19.95), please send me your postal code so I can get a quote on shipping. You can also order the book through Amazon (in paperback or ebook), please see

Hope this helps!