September 16, 2010

The Marathon: It’s all about the attitude

The final chapter in my book Powered From Within: Stories About Running & Triathlon is about marathon training, originally a feature I wrote for the September/October 2008 issue of Canadian Running magazine. 

One of the two coaches I interviewed about marathon training was Dave Scott-Thomas, head coach for the University of Guelph, who said that a marathoner needs, most of all, the right attitude: “A lot of people look at the marathon as a pretty daunting prospect: `Well I’ve got to run 26.2 miles – it is going to be really lonely and it’s going to be all this work and it is going to be so arduous’. 

"And that to me sounds so negative. I look for the runner who says, `You know what, I am going to teach myself something and it’s going to be awesome. I am going to push my comfort zone, I am going to step into some new turf where I haven’t been before, I am going to jump off the cliff to see if I have got wings, and I am really motivated to do it. 

"And yes it is going to be hard but I want to answer the question how good I can become’. And I think the marathon is really about that because it is a pretty tough journey,” according to Scott-Thomas.

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