October 11, 2010

Sunshine on a wooden floor, a collection of poems

Sunshine on a wooden floor, a collection of poems, was published today. Most  these 28 poems I wrote between 2004 and 2008.

One poem, titled "Believe", was recently chosen for an anthology of verse Island Mists, to be published by the Poetry Institute of Canada in January 2011.

I began writing poetry in university. I read a few of my early poems in the mid '90s at one of the monthly literary cafes organized by Gheraert Leeu, a literary group of which I was a board member for about a year until I moved from Gouda in the Netherlands to Brussels in Belgium. I had not before or since published any of my poems.

While writing some poetry in the following decade, it took until 2004 when I made a career change that inspired, among other things, a return to this form of writing. Gabriele Rico's Writing the Natural Way deserves credit in this process.

Five months ago, as I reread the many files on my laptop and a slew of notepads I realized how many poems I had, some of which I liked and thought deserving of publication.

Showing them for the first time to my (of course also subjective) partner Timothy Moore, a professional journalist and editor, he agreed and encouraged me to publish. Tim provided valuable feedback and help in editing and organizing the collection of poems that became Sunshine on a wooden floor.

More information, click Sunshine on a wooden floor by Margreet Dietz.

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