October 27, 2010

Haney to Harrison

Ten days until I start the 100km Haney to Harrison, my first attempt at running that distance. (As mentioned in earlier posts, I walked 100km in the Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker in 2005).

On Saturday Tim, my four-footed training partner Luka and I drove the course. It was a gorgeous autumn day and the scenery along the race course is superb. Farmlands surrounded by mountains in the second half. Stunning waterviews.

And a few correction centres.

The biggest hills and undulations are reserved for the first 40-odd kilometres, though I am sure that the relatively minor two climbs in the remaining kilometres will feel larger by the time I reach them.

It was good to see the course. While we each plan to carry maps, the course is easier to follow than I had anticipated and especially now that we have already done so once.

Tim decided that he will take Luka with him in the car so that he has some company. The race starts at 4am in Haney, which is at least a 90-minute drive from Squamish without traffic.

So today I booked a pet-friendly hotel room at the Ramada Inn in Pitt Meadows, recommended on the race website. It's non-smoking and has a kitchenette. I must pick up my race package on Sunday between noon and 3pm at the Running Room near Stanley Park.

Today I began writing 100 reasons to run 100km. With 10 days until race day, I plan on writing 10 each day so perhaps I will have 100 by November 6, one to carry me through each kilometre of the race.


Unknown said...

Enjoy your adventure!

Unknown said...

would love to see that list of 100 reasons! and by the way, the 'word verification' for me to post this is "trali"...just an anagram for TRAIL!!!

Margreet Dietz said...

Thanks so much Stacey!

I will share that list Margaret soon, am thinking possibly in book-form too.