November 02, 2010

Day 2 of the National Novel Writing Month

The start felt challenging this morning but I reminded myself to relax and just write. In the end it took me about 90 minutes to write a little over 1800 words today. It's great. Hopefully I can keep this up.

In fact I will need to produce more than the daily average in the coming days to compensate for the fact that I won't be able to write on Saturday when I will spend my day running 100km, from Haney to Harrison.

Having said that, I do plan on using the creative energy that is released in my run on plotting more of this book, with the working title From My Mother.

Here is the opening paragraph:

She retied her shoelaces. She always did as she waited for the start. She wanted to make sure. Tightened them, just a little, not too much. Retie the double knot. She never forgot about the double knot. Never had understood those who had to stop mid-race to waste time on laces that had rebelled and come undone. There was no time to come undone.

Meanwhile I am also working on my 100 reasons to run 100km. This is now at 63 pages, holding 59 reasons in 13,500 words. A few more pages, 41, to go but I have no doubt I will find enoug reasons, if not before, than for sure during the race.

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