November 16, 2010

Recovery after running a 100km ultra

Aside from painful blisters on my pinky toes and usual post-race stiffness, I have been feeling very good since finishing the 100km Haney to Harrison ultra on November 6.

Immediately after finishing the race, I had followed the advice to help speed up recovery by lying down on my back with my legs in the air, leaning against a wall. After a hot shower that night I slathered my calves in Voltaren, before wrapping them in Gladwrap to keep the cream in place.

A couple of hot baths with plenty of Epsom salts in the days following the race did much to release the stiffness, as did daily walks with my dog. The day immediately after the race, however, I decided against a walk because my blisters were too painful.

As of the following day, I was fine for a flat easy walk of 45 minutes or so. And by Wednesday I was walking again, like I usually do, on the trails. By Thursday I was thinking that I felt ready for a run but decided to play it safe and stick to walking for the rest of the week.

My sister is visiting me for 11 days. She arrived on Saturday. Since she is preparing for her first half marathon she had a long run to do on Sunday of about 65 minutes. It had been eight days since my race and my legs felt good enough for an easy jog on soft trails with her and my dog.

Today, Tuesday, we did another easy run together, of which half was on a flat trail and half on the road, of about 35 minutes. My legs feel very good. Still I will stick to my daily walks and keep my running light and easy. I think it's very important to take plenty of time for the recovery.

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Unknown said...

would love to see a photo of you and your sister together!