November 11, 2010

Ultra story in The Pique

The Pique's sports reporter Andrew Mitchell wrote a story about the Haney to Harrison 100km race, featuring the two Sea to Sky residents who ran it, i.e. Pemberton's Tyler Petrusic and me, a Squamish resident. You can read the online version here.

Tim and I met Tyler, his parents and his wife Heather, who crewed for Tyler, after the race. It was great to meet them. We shared a few good laughs and I hope we'll meet again soon!

Tomorrow I am meeting another H2H ultrarunner for a coffee in downtown Vancouver and I am very much looking forward to catching up with her. This is the woman who has finished four Ironman races, one Ultraman and four Haney to Harrison 100km's, AND is set to race Ironman Cozumel next weekend.

Triathlon and running has always been a great way to meet people and my closest friends now I met through either sport. Ultrarunning is an even better way to come across some extraordinary people as the pace at the start of a race is very conducive to a good chat, at least before halfway.

In fact this afternoon I am catching up with another local ultrarunner. We ran into each other, out for a run with our respective dogs, on a Squamish trail in May. When she told me she was training for STORMY, and we had a great chat as we ran together for the next hour, I took it as a sign for me to try that 50-miler.

While she unfortunately was unable to race that one, she has done a 50km race (of which the course was first straight up a mountain and then straight down) and her first marathon only a month later in a superb sub-4 hour finish. We somehow haven't been able to meet up since our races, for a combined 200km, and I cannot wait to hear more details about her events.

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