December 29, 2010

Art by Michiko: Sunset From My Window

Sunset from my window by Michiko Splinter 18x24" oil on canvas

Michiko Splinter started painting when she was a young teenager in Japan, where she was born and raised. She formed an art group at the age of 18 and has exhibited her paintings in annual shows with this group in art galleries in Osaka for the past 25 years.

Michiko moved to Squamish in 2005. Inspired by her new environment she began painting landscapes, a subject she'd not done before.

I met Michiko at the beginning of 2009, shortly after I'd moved to Squamish, at a local visual arts group and we've become good friends. 

Sunset from my window is Michiko's latest work, another of her paintings I love. She currently also has two of her paintings exhibited at the Adventure Centre in Squamish:

Estuary of Squamish river (oil 20x24")
Waiting for Summer (oil 18x24")
 Check more of her gorgeous paintings at Art by Michiko

1 comment:

michiko said...

Thank you very much for putting my paintings in your website, Margreet.
My paintings look much nicer than my original ones.