December 17, 2010

Do you reward yourself for consistent training?

In my book Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend, 53 female runners talk about their motivation and inspiration. One of them is Laura How who started running at the age of 27 because she wanted to lose weight.

As a novice runner, she decided to reward herself by putting $1 for every kilometre she ran into a money box. She hadn't anticipated that this would soon become expensive.

The distance she covered increased steadily as Laura trained for and completed the Gold Coast marathon within seven months of taking up the sport. “As I became a better runner I found the $1-per-kilometre scheme hard to afford. When I eventually broke open the money box I had hundreds and hundreds of dollars,” she says.

Laura used the funds to help pay for her Gold Coast marathon trip – she booked five-star accommodation and a massage. These days she rewards herself for special accomplishments in training and racing with chocolate and ice cream, much more affordable for a marathon runner.

Be inspired by Laura and the other 52 female runners in Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend, which also includes separate chapters with advice from two top coaches.

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