December 13, 2010

"Running makes me happy"

The third chapter of my book Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend profiles Angela Adamson, a working mother of three who decided four years ago that it was time to join a running group. Here's an excerpt:

  “I knew that I could run. I had done treadmill work at the local gym on and off for around four years. I am a very determined and highly motivated person who seems to push herself in everything that she does. I just wanted to make that next step and get on the road,” Angela says.

Angela took that step and then some—a year later the 33-year-old started training for the Gold Coast 
marathon and has never looked back. “Running has become rather addictive. My goals are constantly changing from running 10km, to running a half marathon and now a marathon. What’s next?”

Like many running mothers, Angela enjoys the time she spends training because it recharges her batteries. “I have three small children, work four days a week, and can honestly say running is my release.” 

She knows her family benefits too. “Running is a major part of my life. It helps me keep fit and healthy. It is me-time. I am away from all those stresses in life. I don’t have to think about work, family, homeI just focus on me.

“Sometimes I think it is a bit selfish but then I realise that as long as the balance is right I am happy—which in turn makes for happy children and happy hubby. I think I am a lot calmer, more patient and less resentful when dealing with the children. I really enjoy the time with themI feel I can give them 100 percent of me. Running gives me energy to chase my little ones. It helps me mentally to stay focused and enjoy life.’’

Angela says running has given her more confidence, therefore greater self-esteem. Her main motivation to run is because she enjoys it. “Running makes me happy.’’

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