December 15, 2010

Sunday long run sessions

Squamish has a great triathlon club. Recently I was asked if I wanted to help out with some of the running sessions. I'll be preparing for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, held May 1, and thought others in Squamish might be preparing for the same event, or simply might want some company on those long runs. 

So here's what I proposed on

"Each Sunday leading up to the Vancouver Marathon in May 2011, Margreet Dietz will be doing a long run and club members are invited to come along! Margreet is an experienced marathoner and has written three books on running and triathlon. 

"Meet in Valleycliffe at 9am each Sunday - just bring water and some gels/bars. More details, including her schedule, are posted on the running page. Please note that, for now, this is not an "official" Titans event - we're just spreading the word about something great!"

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