January 09, 2011

A Sunday morning...

Wake up at 6am. Head downstairs to make coffee, turn on computer and work on my book A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km.

Head out the door for one-hour family trail run with spouse Tim and doggy Luka at 9am. A slight frost on the ground, clear trails and snowcapped mountains lit up by the sun.

Back home an hour later, drop off Tim and Luka, pick up bottle, gels and iPod and head out for another 80 minutes of pacey running on the trails.

Back home just before noon. Shower. Make big omelet with ham for me. And one for Luka without the spices and ham. Tim doesn't like omelets.

Lie on couch with Sony Reader displaying Christopher McDougall's Born to Run. Luka joins me. We both nap.

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