January 03, 2011

A fresh start - marathon training

"It's a state of mind. It's that place where you lose yourself and you find yourself."

Patrick Swayze's character Bohdi in the 1991 movie Point Break was talking about surfing here but it reflects perfectly how I often feel when running, especially on longer sessions.

It's been a month since I began my training for the 2011 Vancouver Marathon. And it's been great to be back on a structured program of two speed sessions a week, two easy sessions and a long run.

I feel mentally and physically fresh after a four-month break from the quest for speed. Going longer instead, by running two ultras, one in August and one in November, was exactly what I needed. I love training for marathons but just needed to change gears mentally.

Now I am fully re-energized to pursue the quest for that sub-3 marathon finish.

My loyal four-footed running buddy Luka and I closed off 2010 with a gorgeous trail run of about an hour on Friday morning. I began the year with a 15-minute time trial on Saturday afternoon during a stunning winter sunset. 

Yesterday, I ran 2hr 10mins, which was the duration of all my Sunday long runs in December. With some great company, these sessions have flown by.

Today was a rest day, at least in running terms. Luka and I did a 45-minute trail walk this morning, perfect cross training for both of us. My program includes two rest days a week, and I always look forward to them, just as much as I do to my running sessions.

They provide the break your body and mind need to absorb the training, so make sure you include them too!

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