February 28, 2011

Fig & almond bread w. chocolate chunks

That's one good-looking loaf of bread
I'm not much of a baker but do love making my own bread.

Here's my new recipe for a wickedly delicious and healthy multigrain bread with figs, almonds and dark chocolate.

(Warning: the result can be very yummy!)

Robin Hood Multigrain (2 cups)
Fleischmann's instant yeast (1 sachet dissolved in warm water)
one egg
blanched almonds, sliced
honey (one spoon)
margarine (one spoon)
ground chilli (half a tablespoon)
a healthy dash of Scotch
chunks of dark chocolate (plenty)
dash of milk
dash of water

Rub olive oil on sides and bottom of (glass) oven dish. Ladle mixture into the dish.
Stick in preheated oven (350C).
Use chopstick after 45mins or so to test if cooked.
Serve plain, or with butter, or goat's cheese and/or jam.

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Chocolate chunks make the almond bread even more delicious.