February 19, 2011

Art by Michiko: After the Rain & Others

Michiko Splinter moved to Canada from her native Japan in 2005. While she's been painting since the age of 12, she never painted landscapes. Now in Squamish, her new environment inspires her to paint what she sees on her daily walks (in which she's recently also added stretches of running).

Michiko has also been experimenting with abstract work where her love for colour really shines.

After a lifetime of painting, she's never been more focused on her art than now and has even been able to speed up the process. She's completed four oil paintings in the past four months.

"It's getting really fast. 'Fast' doesn't mean 'better' but I like it. I used to need at least three months for finishing one painting. Well, I sometimes paint two together now, so that's another reason to finish them faster," says Michiko.

I'm a big fan of her work. Here are her latest paintings.

After the Rain by Michiko Splinter (oil on canvas 16x20)

Porteau Cove by Michiko Splinter (oil on canvas 18x22)

Planet by Michiko Splinter (oil on canvas 20x24)
Sunset from my Window by Michiko Splinter (oil on canvas 18x24)

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