February 08, 2011

Writer's Digest International Book Awards

Last year I submitted my books for the 18th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Books Awards. Here's what the (anonymous) judges had to say:

For Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend: "The best part of the ... book is the passion (the author) had in writing these stories. She has taken her own life experiences, placed them in a book and guides the reader through with stories that have touched her life. It is the author's desire to help readers develop a positive mental attitude needed to exercise."

 "The book is filled with other individual stories and insight to draw the reader into taking better care of their body. Some of the stories will help the reader to find the courage and strength to overcome adversity in their daily life."

On Powered From Within: Stories About Running & Triathlon: "I love to read books about running - in fact, I just finished Haruki Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, which I recommend - and this one was no exception."

"The author's style is breezy and accessible, what you'd expect from a veteran journalist, and running enthusiasts at all levels no doubt will find much motivation in these stories."

"The book's front cover is well designed and eye-catching ..."

On A Work in Progress: Exercises in Writing, the judge said:
"First, off I'd like to say it was a pleasure to read two entries by Dietz this year. It may seem obvious but as a reviewer, having multiple works by a single author to compare and contrast makes for interesting work. It also opens tunnels of insight that may be helpful to both parties involved.

"By way of comparison, then, I believe A Work in Progress is the stronger of the two pieces. Its crossover appeal alone—existing as a book about both writing and running (here I should again invoke [Haruki] Murakami [What I Talk About When I Talk About Running]—enlarges its potential audience and affords the author a chance to explore her own process, a chance I feel is pretty significant.

"She does a great job of it, too, at times overtly and other times almost subversively. The format of this one, textually and physically, also rises above the other. It's material I can consult linearly or, more delightfully, in single scoops, and it fits in my pocket so I can carry it to a favorite reflection spot."

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