April 16, 2011

NEW! Book on fastest women in Ironman

Sub Nine by Timothy Moore
For the past year or so, Tim has been working on a great manuscript about the fastest women in Ironman ever. The result is Sub Nine: History's Fastest Ironwomen which will be available later this month.

While I can hardly be considered objective as both Tim's partner and editor of this 134-page paperback that chronicles the stories of the 22 women who have finished an Ironman in less than 9 hours, I feel confident in saying that any endurance athlete will love this read:


Chrissie Wellington’s dominating win in South Africa last weekend marked the sixth consecutive time in which she’s finished an Iron-distance race in less than nine hours.
In just a few short years, Wellington has ushered in a new era in the sport. She’s made Sub Nine performances seem commonplace—yet they are far from that.

A Sub Nine performance puts a woman among the elite of the elite. Membership in this exclusive group numbers just 22; half of those have been earned in the last three seasons. The first woman to stop the clock with an ‘eight’ in front of it was Thea Sybesma of the Netherlands in 1991.

“I wanted to know more about these women, both those racing now and those who came earlier,” says Timothy Moore, author of Sub Nine: History’s Fastest Ironwomen. “I also wanted there to be a historical record of what they have achieved.”

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