April 05, 2011

Feedback on library talk

Just recently the West Vancouver Memorial Library hosted me as part of their Authors at the Library Partnership Program to talk about my first book, Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend.

The library's coordinator Sheila was very helpful and organized, while the library's Welsh Hall West has everything you could ask for.

The small group of 10 that attended was diverse and inspiring. Among them was a 66-year-old woman training for the Vancouver Marathon. She's run marathons before but had taken a break for a few decades before last year completing 12 half marathons and deciding she was ready to tackle a marathon again.

She's inspired her children. One of her daughters, who's also a runner, is getting ready for her first half marathon. Another daughter is starting to run while her son is an ultrarunner.

A couple of women even interrupted their run, they told me. One, Alaia, also emailed me later:

"We saw an ad for your talk, and were running, a run we quickly abandoned and jumped in the car to try and get to the library on time ... I wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful, how motivational and how inspirational your talk was. I loved it. And am about to go run on trails thinking about everything you said."

My friend Wanda Doyle, a painter who walks daily, also attended and said afterward:

"Great talk on your book Margreet! Although I'm not a runner, I was sitting there thinking I need to get started! Very inspirational. The points you made about taking it a step at a time, goals, motivation etc are all great reminders which can be applied to any areas of life and I can certainly see applying it to my painting!"

Thanks so much for attending and hope to see you on the run!  

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