May 04, 2011

Post-marathon recovery strategy

I love the laziness of the taper, followed by more laziness in the post-marathon recovery. After 13 marathons, 5 Ironmans and 4 ultras, among others, I've found that my body and mind appreciate at least a week completely off running.

Luka at the 41km mark
That doesn't mean I do nothing. Walks are superb for post-marathon recovery. With a two-year-old energetic dog, I have a good reason for daily outings on the local trails.

After Sunday's Vancouver Marathon I simply had a shower and walked back and forth to the finish area from Yaletown. On Monday my legs were very tight, especially my calves. I felt OK otherwise, just tired. Even too tired to bother making a hot bath. I did, however, take a hot bath with Epsom salts on Tuesday, and then wrapped my calves in a layer of Voltaren and Gladwrap for the day.

Today my legs are much better. I also had enough energy to sign up for the next race - the Bellingham Bay Marathon on Sept 25. Planning your next goal race can be a great part of your recovery strategy, I am already excited about returning to training, though I'll take it easy in the next few weeks.

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