June 01, 2011

Ultra race friends

Last year I raced the STORMY 50-miler in my hometown of Squamish. In this awesome trail ultra, conducive to chatting, I met a guy named Steve and we ended up running together for about six hours, which was fantastic.

He told me then he'd only recently started running (though he'd been a competitive soccer player for years). He'd really taken to the sport. STORMY was his first 50-miler (as it was for me) and he did awesome. I hadn't heard from him since, but received this email last week. It's very inspiring which is the reason I'm sharing it here:

Hello Margreet

I see you are registered for the Tenderfoot 50 mile run! I was thinking about our running time together last year at the Squamish Stormy, all the wonderful people and the great running experience so I  plan on registering for the Tenderfoot 50 miler with a friend ...

I've continued to run after the Stormy and qualified for the Boston Marathon in my first marathon in Victoria-3:23.  I was lucky and able to register and run the Boston Marathon this past April posting a 3:09 time.  Boston was fantastic!  Not sure if I enjoy running on the pavement so I may need to retire from the marathon running world and stick to the mud, rock and snow trails of the west coast.

I plan to run the Sinister7 with a friend ... in July and solo the Canadian Death race in August and close the season with 100 miler somewhere on the west coast in September or October

Hope to see you at the start line!

How fantastic! I wish I could do the Tenderfoot Boogie. Unfortunately the change in date (from May 14 to June 18) means I won't be able to. I have no doubt I'll run into Steve again at another race and look forward to catching up in person.

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