July 06, 2011


It seems to be an annual occurrence for me, and I sure hope my fall on the trail last night means that there won't be another one until next summer. It was the final Tuesday Runs session of a three-month training block geared towards the Squamish Triathlon held this Sunday.

After a 2.2km warm-up run and a few stretches, we did drills, followed by pick-ups. Then we headed out on the Squamish Tri course, a reasonably flat trail though you have to pay attention to your footing in certain parts, for five 2-minute efforts, followed by 3-minute recover jogs.

It was a short pre-race session, perfect for those getting ready to tri. I must have accidentally stopped the Garmin during our stretching, so I didn't get the exact distance but knew it was well short of the 12km I had planned for today since one loop is about 5km. I wanted to run a little more. Three others were keen on another lap, and we headed out.

As we chatted, I suddenly tripped and hit the dirt. Grrr, how annoying. Luckily there were only minor scratches except for a larger wound on the palm of my right hand (inconvenient since I am painting the exterior of our house).

Last year I had what seems to be my annual faceplant after about three hours of running in the 50-mile STORMY. Like last night, there was nothing in particular to trip over but I did. Two years ago I fell during a speed session - that was a nasty spill in the dirt of Loggers Lane before it was resurfaced. Both knees and palm of my hands were a dirty bloody mess.

So, I consider myself lucky after last night. I think I'll be able to run the 15km as planned today. And I'm looking forward to the Active Release Technique treatment this afternoon - it's been a few months since the previous one, so there's plenty to work on.

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