August 04, 2011

It's all in a name

So, I've changed the title of this blog. Why? Because a guy, who refers to himself as a 'one little persistent bugger', made the following comment on my post yesterday:  "Remember sub-3 ...still has a 3 in it. Think and believe in yourself as a 2-hour runner :). Go get it. I believe you can."

His name is Kristian Manietta, owner of TriSpecific and an 8:57 Ironman. We met in John Hill's triathlon squad in Sydney, Australia, about 10 years, and many many triathlons and marathons, ago and shared many training sessions.

Back then, I had yet to break 4 hours for the marathon: I ran 4:18 in the 1999 Ottawa marathon and 4:44 in the 2001 Sydney marathon. 

I take his point, and I like it when people make subtle but big changes in your thinking. So there you have it Kristian, a new title. Thanks! 

1 comment:

Kristian said...

Now that is what I call taking action :-) nice work Margreet, can't wait to see you achieve this. K