September 15, 2011

Mile repeats at 5km race pace

With 9 days to go until the Bellingham Bay Marathon, I am enjoying the taper. After the usual rest day on Monday, I had an easy 11km with 8 x 100m striders, followed by an even more cruisy 6km recovery yesterday.

This morning had a total of 13km including 3 1-mile repeats at 5km race pace. After a warm-up of about 4km I did the first in 6:12 along the completely flat Loggers Lane in Squamish. The cool morning with a splash of rain was perfect.

After a jogging rest of about 3 minutes, I did the next mile in 6:08. It was great to hit my goal times, as I have struggled and mostly failed with that in the past month, and feeling relatively comfortable doing so. The final one took me 6:04, and I was thoroughly happy on the recovery jog back home.

I am running 69km this week, and am very much enjoying the taper. Unlike some people, who feel uneasy with doing less training, I even tend to think about skipping sessions in the taper. But so far I've managed to resist the temptation.

The extra time, and energy, freed up by running less is allowing me to focus on completing my first novel, From my Mother, hopefully before the marathon. After a lot of hard work, it is truly almost done. Today I received the CIP data Cataloguing in Publication from the Library and Archives Canada.

The cover is complete.The website is up, as is the Facebook fan page. So, I'd better get back to finishing that manuscript.

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