October 04, 2011

Background to my first novel

My grandmother gave me this Triumph-Adler Tippa
My office is on the ground floor of our house. It looks out over the front yard and our street, which is a quiet one—on many days I see as many pedestrians and cyclists go by as cars. It's a long room with two desks, both from IKEA. At one, underneath one of the room's two windows, I sit every day to write.

The other, a high and long desk, hasn't got much use yet, other than holding painting supplies, papers and a few photographs. It also holds a portable typewriter my maternal grandmother gave me. It's a Triumph-Adler Tippa that I've rarely used. The hard cover is black as are the keys, while the rest of the machine is beige.

 Cover & manual
The original manual with a purple cover is still with it. There are funny instructions in Dutch, French, English and Spanish, of which the typeface reveals it's an older machine: "What you really want to know is how to type with the machine. It's easy enough as you will see."

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