October 21, 2011

Sub-3 marathon, a novel

With National Novel Writing Month around the corner, I have been thinking about the novel I am planning to write next month. Or a first draft, that is.

The sub-3 marathon is a topic often on my mind (really?!) and it seems one worth exploring in fiction.

It's a year ago that I first decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, with my first novel From my Mother as a result (you can read some excerpts here). There is nothing like trying to write a novel to learn about how it's done.

That is why I highly recommend trying NaNoWriMo. Even if you don't finish the 50,000 words, you've made an attempt, possibly your first, at a novel.

I didn't expect to finish mine; I mean I was determined to complete the 50,000 words in one month, and did, but didn't expect to revise, polish and publish this manuscript. Yet I did.

And I'm looking forward to next month. For now, my plan is to write a novel about Emily.

Emily is a marathon runner who has been trying to break the 3-hour mark for years. Emily wants nothing more than a 2-hour finish but, about to turn 40, she fears time has run out. Until a secret mentor changes her mind, and her training. But will it be enough to reset the clock? Emily's fiance certainly doesn't think so and her competitive sibling isn't too convinced, or supportive, either.

That's all I know so far. I might change my mind. But I love having a visual so that's why I spent some time today on designing a potential book cover for my second novel.

If you're thinking about doing NaNoWriMo, please do. The only question is, Why not? Don't forget to become my writing buddy (find me here).


Jog Blog said...

Hmmm ... so fiction rather than non-fiction for you "sub-3 marathon" book?

Margreet Dietz said...

For now :-). There will be a non-fiction sub-3 marathon book, for sure.