November 13, 2011

Looking forward to new marathon routine

Yesterday, one week after the Whistler 50 Ultra, I went for a run with Tim, Dessie (our ultrarunning visitor from Australia who returned home last night after an inspiring two-week visit) and my sister Angelique (who is signed up for the First Half and is keen to run a second marathon). Our two dogs happily trotted along. too.

It was a very easy 20-minute jog, but it felt great to go for a run. In the past week I've noticed a real desire to return to the routine of training after two months of tapering, racing and recovery. I know that I will still need to be cautious in the next few weeks but I think my body is recovering well after the 50-miler, no doubt helped by my slowing down in the final 25km.

Physically, my legs feel strong and light. Mentally, I am ready to commit to a training routine that builds on the one that I used for the Bellingham Bay and Victoria marathons. There will be daily runs, something I have not tried before, to boost the weekly mileage.

The 18-week program from Advanced Marathoning starts on January 1, perfect timing, and the first week has 104km (85 miles) of sessions. That means I have seven weeks to complete my recovery, and gear up my body.

The schedule recommends that you do at least 88km (55 miles) a week before starting the program, as well as completing a distance close to the long run you're meant to do in the first week in the prior month (which is 27km).

My goal race for this program is the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6, 2012. I also hope to race the First Half (half marathon) on February 12.

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