November 08, 2011

Recovering from an ultra

Tim and I treated ourselves to a copy of Lore of Running by Tim Noakes at the expo at the Victoria marathon. I've read various parts in recent years. Today I thought I'd check out the section Race Recovery in the Ultramarathon chapter (p. 664 in the fourth edition):

"I suggest that for three months you should do little or no running but concentrate on other non-weight-bearing activities, such as swimming, cycling, or working out in the gym. This allows the weight-bearing function of your legs to recover. Once that has happened and your legs again feel light and springy, you can consider returning to running training."

"The ultramarathon may be the most exciting challenge you ever undertake in your running career. But it is a demanding event that can leave deep scars, equal to the great moment it bestows. Treat this race with respect and it will reward you in ways perhaps unequalled by any other race. But if you abuse it, it may bit backif not immediately, perhaps some time in the future."

I am very aware, my body reminds me with every move I make, that I've broken the race recovery rules in the past six weeks, running a 3:09 and 3:06 (PB) marathon within two weeks of each other followed by the 50-miler four weeks later.

I think it's time to dust off my bike and jump on the wind trainer in the next couple of weeks to aid recovery and prepare my body for starting my 2012 Vancouver marathon training program in four to six weeks from now.

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