December 15, 2011

New door inspired by De Kooning

Thursday has just begun in Squamish, as it's 1.46am. After flying from Amsterdam to Vancouver, I arrived in the afternoon; Tim and doggy Luka picked me up by 4pm and we got home about 90 minutes later. Door in Dronten to door in Squamish travel time had taken about 16 hours, so I was tired but there was plenty to see.

Tim, who loves Christmas, had already decked out the house in the outdoor lights that we apparently bought last year. There's a blue string along the front of the house, and a white string around the front door. Inside, there were stockings, a red and a white poinsetta on the dining table, the nativity set he brought from travels to South America before we began dating, and various other festive bits and pieces.

Detail from my new door by Tim
There was another surprise, too. Tim had told me he was working on a painting, but hadn't given any more details. As it turns out, his canvas was the door of my office: the result was inspired by Rosy-Fingered Dawn at Louise Point (1963) by Willem De Kooning, the Dutch-born American abstract expressionist who is one of my favourite painters. Tim's door painting looks awesome!

I was sad to leave my parents, it's always a tough goodbye when there's a vast ocean separating you. But it is also good to be home. And just because I can, I am having a coffee as I write this at my desk in the office with my new abstract expressionist door at 2am. I'll aim to head back to bed shortly.

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