January 10, 2012

A couple easy days

There are a few tight spots in my hips and calves following last week's training, so I was glad to start on Monday with a 10K recovery run. Doggy Luka came along, and we took our time to smell the roses, and a few other things.

Coming across a fellow marathoner I hadn't seen for a while, she was in her car about to pull out of a parking lot, we stopped for a quick chat to catch up. She's looking at a marathon, which would be her 7th, and an ultra (Frosty Mountain Ultra, a 50K in Manning Park, BC) later in the year after taking the winter off running to work on her strength.

My core strength regime has so far remained limited to good intentions, and five push-ups every other day or so. Hopefully I will find the determination to do a little more in the next couple of weeks.

That 10K took about 70 minutes including all stops, so it was a leisurely jog indeed.

This morning brought gorgeous sunny skies. With temperatures dipping below zero overnight, there were a few slippery spots. I stayed mostly on flat(-ish) trails for a 14K run that included 10 striders of 100 metres.

Up tomorrow is a 21K session. Looks like I will have another sunny day for it.

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