February 14, 2012

Back to training - lactate threshold

After running a PB, especially one that has taken four years and is a big one on top of that, motivation for training is high. Having upped both my volume and frequency, running well over 100K a week in daily runs, my result at Sunday's half marathon has given me much confidence that I've chosen the right training for my current level of fitness, frame of mind and goals.

It's very important to believe and trust in your training.

I felt great during yesterday's double recovery session - I ran 11K in the morning and 5K in the afternoon. The stunning weather didn't hurt my mood either.

Today called for 18K including 8K at 15K to half marathon race pace. While feeling good following  Sunday's half marathon PB, I wasn't sure what to expect but was glad to cover the 8K at 4:10 per K average and an average heart rate of 160bpm.

I am looking forward to a 24K session tomorrow.

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