March 05, 2012

A lighter week of 118K ahead, pfew!

Tired. Coffee. It's raining outside. Monday morning. In the past week I ran another 128K, perhaps 130K, of which I covered 50K in the past couple of days, so the fatigue is not surprising.

On Saturday I did the Run for the Honeywagon half marathon, with a 6K warmup and a 2K cooldown, followed on Sunday by 21K in 1hr 49, or a pace of about 5:12 per K at an average heart rate of 131 beats per minute. 

The next seven days are relatively light, with 'only' 118K on the schedule. Today, I am starting the week with a 10K recovery run in the morning, followed by another 6K in the afternoon.

There's a second double run; on Friday I have 18K in the morning and 6K in the afternoon. I also have my first VO2 Max session in the 18-week buildup for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6; Wednesday calls for six 800-metre repeats at 5K race pace. I might head to the track to do it as they are nice round numbers of six times 2 laps in 3 minutes flat.

My long run on Sunday is 26K, just 2K longer than most of my midweek long runs typically are. 

The new 2012 marathon course
I'd better enjoy the light week, as the next one calls for 140K including a 39K long run. I might use that session to check out the new BMO Vancouver Marathon course.

On Saturday I was reminded how knowing (parts of) the course definitely can help you sustain the effort; I happened to have covered the final 2 miles of the half marathon in Everson in my warmup and, facing a fullblown headwind, knowing where the course would end helped me manage.

Tim, who suggested I try out the marathon course which runs from A to B, has generously volunteered to support me.

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