March 09, 2012

Recovery is crucial for a runner

This week I am reminded, once again, of the importance of recovery in our training as runners. Even a subtle reduction, both in volume and intensity, can make all the difference.

My total running mileage this week is 118K. Compared with the past three weeks when I ran between 128K and 132K, I can assure you that I am feeling the difference of that 10K-14K.

The first five days of this week have also been made easier because all runs were 14K or shorter, with the exception of this morning's 18K. Two of those days had double runs; Monday I did 10K in the morning and 6K in the afternoon, and today I ran 18K in the morning (my longest single run by 4K this week so far) and another 6K in the afternoon.

In the previous three weeks, my Wednesday runs alone were either 23K or 24K, so 18K is a significantly shorter run. Heading out for another easy 6K in the afternoon is a breeze, even in today's rainy conditions.

Despite the sense of recovery as a result of a lighter week, I have covered 80K in the past five days.

Tomorrow, Saturday, my session calls for 13K easy, with ten 100-metre striders. Sunday is also modest, with a 26K long run. Mentally and physically I didn't realize I needed the break until the program called for it. I know I will be refreshed for the following week, which has a (personal) record 140K of running on the schedule, something I am very excited about.


Good luck to my friends Fiona and Ian who are running the Kyoto Marathon this weekend! Neither is a stranger to endurance; both have multiple Ironman finishes to their name.

Fiona has also run the 100K Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker and the 45K Six Foot Track, each five (!!!) times.

Ian is an ace swimmer including in open water. In 2006 he was one of only eight finishers from a field of more than 40 in an 11K ocean swim from Sydney's Opera House to Manly. Most competitors pulled out because of bluebottle stings.

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